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We’ve got lots of Free resources, live events, and challenges that help CFE writers, or even those starting out in PEP or PREP. Have a look below at some of our offerings and take what you need!

We open registration for my Signature 12-week CFE Prep Program in December, February and June. 

Free Downloads

Complete Guide to Past CFE Testing

This guide shows if, when, and how often each knowledge list topic was tested on past CFEs/UFEs. All 6 competencies included. Use this guide to prioritize your study time and for targeted technical practice.

Case Writing Calendars

How many cases should you be writing? Is Capstone 2 enough? What if you have limited time off? Follow this Case Calendar, even if you only have 2 weeks off (or less)!

Step by Step Debrief Checklist

We've all heard how important debriefing is. But what the heck does "debrief" even mean? Complete this checklist to ensure you get the most out of every case you take the time to write.

Free Live Events

4-Day FR Challenge

Master depth in FR in just 10 minutes per day! In this free challenge, you will learn to use frameworks to get Cs efficiently, how to use the Handbook to save time, how to decide what criteria actually matter, how to link up case facts to show depth and how to debrief effectively to learn from your FR mistakes 

Time Management Masterclass

In this 1 hour free masterclass all about how to show BOTH depth AND breadth before the clock runs out, you will learn how to fix your Read Outline Plan (ROP), the magic formula to show depth, plus all the killer time traps and how to avoid them.

Complete Program

12-week Signature Prep Program

Cohorts starting in early March and mid June every year. Registration opens in December, February and June.

Early Access Prep Program

Get early access to our Signature Prep Program at no extra charge. Cohorts starting at the beginning of January and mid April every year.

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