Interviews with honour roll writers, successful repeat writers and successful writers with limited time. Plus answers to your Frequently Asked Questions and a few sample technical spotlight lessons.

Honour Roll Writer Series

In this series, we talk to recent honour roll writers, and CFE Success Academy Marker Mentors, about their best tips to not only pass the CFE, but also make the honour roll. 

Interview with Aron Funk

Sep 2020 Honour Roll Writer + CSA Marker Mentor

Interview with Kamille Espanol

May 2021 Gold Medallist + CSA Student + CSA Marker Mentor

Interview with Emily Duval

.May 2022 Honour Roll + CSA Marker Mentor

Successful Writer [With Limited Study Time] Series

In this series, we talk to recent successful writers, and past CFE Success Academy students, about their best tips to pass the CFE, even while balancing multiple responsibilities and with limited time off work.

Interview with Karen Budree

Successful writer and mom of 1 and 5 year old.

Repeat Writer Panel

Thomas Kaune, Ping Wu and Debyani Chatterjee… What did they do differently in order to Pass?

Frequently Asked Questions

In this series, I walk through a few of the most common questions I get asked.

What role should I pick?

in other words, is there an easiest role??

How much time do I need off of work?

It depends. But let’s talk about how to decide how much time YOU, and your unique situation, requires.

I failed the CFE, now what?

For those who just recently got this bad news, you have some decisions to make.

Technical Spotlight Lessons

In this series, we walk through a couple technical topics that are keeping candidates up at night.

FR: Business Combinations

Assurance: Procedures

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